Consumer Alert for Bereaved Families!


The Association of Funeral Professionals of Trinidad and Tobago (AFPTT) is dedicated to protecting the rights of funeral service consumers of Trinidad and Tobago. The AFPTT has outlined a Code of Ethics that governs all funeral homes.

The Association of Funeral Professionals of Trinidad and Tobago has deemed the following activities to be unethical:

  • Soliciting, Canvassing or Touting for funerals by funeral homes at the nation’s hospitals and mortuaries
  • Soliciting funerals by uninvited visits to the home of a bereaved family
  • Soliciting funerals at the scene of an accident
  • Unfair Pricing

The Funeral Directors Association believes that it is the sacred right of each family to select a funeral home without harassment from any funeral home.

We recommend that families should select a funeral home based on:

  • The Age and Experience of the Funeral Home
  • The Employment of Certified Funeral Directors
  • The Recommendation of a friend or relative based on a previous experience
  • The Best value for your hard earned dollars

Our Association advises you to reject any funeral home approaching you to solicit your business at a hospital, mortuary or at the scene of an accident.

To sign the online petition to end Soliciting, Touting and Canvassing by Funeral Homes, Click Here.

Complaints may be sent to the Secretary at the Association of Funeral Professionals at .