Our Services: Plan Ahead

Planning Ahead is not always easy but it makes sense. It is an act of love for your family and provides you with peace of mind.

Planning a funeral in advance can seem like an emotionally daunting task but in fact it is as simple as thinking about your wishes and writing them down. You can contact one of our qualified Memorial Coordinators to help you get started.

6 Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan

  1. A Gift of Love to your Family
    Pre-planning and pre-financing funerals relieves your family of the emotional and financial burdens associated with planning funerals. Our clients have told us that this is the #1 benefit from pre-planning.
  2. Explore all the Options
    When you pre-plan your own funeral or that of a loved one, you have the time to fully explore all the funeral options that are available to you. This includes burial or cremation, creating a meaningful tribute, gathering pictures for the funeral programme and most importantly, it ensures that your wishes are met.
  3. Creating a Meaningful Tribute
    Pre-planning allows you to plan a customized and interactive service that truly represents the person who has passed. Well planned personalized services usually set a positive tone for healing.
  4. Get Professional Help
    Using a qualified funeral home when pre-planning ensures that all the relevant information is recorded and can be located when necessary. Belgroves Funeral Home offers a funeral pre-planning service and sister company Family Legacy Company offers affordable plans to pre-finance funerals.
  5. Keep Costs Reasonable and Clear
    Families sometimes over extend themselves financially when making arrangements at the time of a death. Planning in advance allows you to keep the funeral costs under control and make changes until you are satisfied with both the service and the cost.
  6. Pay for your Funeral during the Working Years
    Pre-financing allows you to pay for funerals in your income earning years and reserves savings, pensions, insurance payments and other assets for the comfort of your loved ones.

3 Ways to Pre-Plan

  1. Pre-planning Funerals at Belgroves Funeral Home
    You can meet with a qualified Memorial Coordinator who will listen to your needs, discuss the various options with you and record these options. You will be given a copy of these arrangements for safe keeping.
  2. Pre-financing Funerals at Family Legacy Company
    Family Legacy Company offers several plans that cover the funeral cost for you and 5 other family members with low annual instalments. The Family Legacy plans also offer on the spot Cashback© and provides a Power Guarantee© against inflation for plans that are paid in full. Learn More about Family Legacy Plans.
  3. Purchasing a burial allotment at Orange Grove Memorial Gardens
    Burial space in Trinidad is running out but Orange Grove Memorial Gardens offers beautiful, well maintained, dignified crypt burials. Learn More about Orange Grove Memorial Gardens.

10 Step Guide to Funeral Planning and Financing Ahead of Time

There’s a lot to do when planning ahead but if you take it one step at a time, you will see how easy it can be. We suggest that you make planning ahead a family affair and use it to celebrate the good times. Remember, our qualified Memorial Coordinators at Belgroves are available to assist you. Here are some suggested ways to plan ahead.

View the Guide

Anticipating the Death of a Loved One

Caring for a loved one who may be aging or ill or facing your own mortality can be a stressful and emotional task. We offer a FREE counselling service to help you and your family thorough this difficult task. Contact our Bereavement Counsellor.