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Creating Meaningful Tributes

Our Services - The FuneralAt Belgroves, we believe that the funeral ceremony is the single most important step to healing the loss of a loved one. The funeral is a special time when family and friends gather together to focus on the person who has passed away, pay tribute to their life and support the surviving relatives.

You will never regret planning and participating in a funeral service customized to the memory of your loved one. In fact, the families who opt for personalized tributes tell us that they feel good about the farewell and that it puts them in a positive place to begin healing.

Full Service Funeral Home

We’re a one-stop-shop providing everything that you need to create that special tribute.

We offer a wide range of products and services to meet your every need and budget.When you come in to plan a funeral, a highly trained and empathetic Memorial Coordinator will be assigned to take care of your every need, assist you with planning the funeral and answer any questions that you may have.

What to do when a Loved One dies?

When a loved one dies there are many things to be done and it can be an overwhelming and stressful time for the family. Although every family’s situation will be different, this is a general guideline of things to do when a loved one dies.

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Ways Children can Say Goodbye

Children are often times the “forgotten grievers” and special attention should be paid to them. Children are remarkably resilient and will be able to handle the news of death once given information in ways that they can understand.

The death of a loved one provides a “teachable moment” for parents to help their children learn effective coping skills that will be useful not only in grief, but in many other situations in the child’s future.

Should Children attend the funeral?

Ask the child if he or she would like to attend the funeral service.

Do this only after having a conversation with the child explaining death and clarifying any misconceptions that she may have had. Do not force the child to go to the funeral if he or she does not want to and confirm for the child that he or she has made a good decision regardless of what that decision is. Once the child has decided to go to the service, walk them through what will happen step by step so that they are not surprised on the day of the funeral. Find ways for children to be involved in the funeral. You can ask your Memorial Coordinator about ways in which children can say goodbye.